Breakthrough Breast Cancer Detection Now at LGMC


The same 3D mammography mentioned among The Top 20 Cancer Hospitals by U.S. News and World Report is now available at LGMC. The Selenia Dimensions mammography machine, by Holigic Corp., has been installed at the hospital, with radiology staff undergoing rigorous training to put it to use in coming weeks.

A Selenia Dimensions mammography examines breast tissue layer by layer, producing an exceptionally sharp 3D image, much more detailed than traditional 2D mammograms. By detecting breast cancers earlier, these mammograms help prevent unnecessary biopsies. Its high-resolution technology also detects 41% more invasive breast cancers at earlier stages than 2D mammography alone.

Patients will appreciate that the machine conforms to natural contours of the breast, providing a more comfortable and even compression across the entire breast. What's more, images can be instantly reviewed for more timely results, as well as viewed side-by-side with previous images for comparison.

While the Centers for Disease Control does not list Louisiana among the highest rates of breast cancer incidents, the Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium reports a higher mortality rate for cancer in Louisiana than most other states. That is in part attributed to late or incurable stage diagnosis of the disease.

Paired with this advanced technology at LGMC is the skill of Diagnostic Radiologist Megan Daigle, M.D., who has extensive experience in interpreting mammograms.

As with all mammograms, a physician's order is required. To schedule an appointment, call (337) 289-7080.

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