Ashley Walton - RN


Ashley Walton, RN, was taking care of a patient, while overhearing the conversation she was having with her daughter. The patient was upset that her husband, who had been recently discharged from a hospital stay, had run out of medication to treat his Parkinson’s disease.

Unfortunately, he was not able to get another prescription until he could make his upcoming VA appointment three days later. Ashley decided to step in by asking if she could help. She gathered the necessary information from the patient, called a physician and procured a prescription to last until the husband could make his next appointment. The patient says, “Ashley didn’t have to do what she did, but she really went above and beyond to help me help my husband.”

Ashley’s proactive measures helped put her patient at ease, and cemented a trustful bond between this family and Lafayette General. This is just one example of how Ashley quietly does the extraordinary to make a difference.

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