Angela Melancon - Security Operations Manager


A Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) paying her bill inside Patient Accounts realized she had locked her keys in her car. A Patients Account worker contacted hospital security to see if they could get the car open, which was a service they used to provide. But, Security is no longer allowed to open vehicles. That was when the CNA realized her insulin was also locked inside the car, making the situation a bit more desperate. So, they called Security to ask again, and that’s when Angela Melancon took the call. Angela suggested the CNA call Pop-A-Lock, but the CNA said she didn’t have the money on hand to pay them. At that moment, the CNA had to catch the shuttle on that rainy day to get to work at the hospital.

After hanging up the phone, Angela decided that the worker could not go without her insulin. So, she called Pop-A-Lock to come open the CNA’s car, and would pay for it herself. Patient Accounts contacted the CNA to give her the good news. It’s wonderful to know that our coworkers can be so kind and generous, as demonstrated through Angela’s genuine compassion and thoughtfulness.

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