Abrom Kaplan Memorial Hospital Celebrates Two Years with Lafayette General Health


Abrom Kaplan Memorial Hospital (AKMH) is celebrating the 2-year anniversary of their long-term lease agreement with Lafayette General Health (LGH), whereby LGH expanded management and operational control.

What most people do not know is AKMH had a joint venture agreement with Lafayette General Medical Center (LGMC) since 2002. LGH was formed when the healthcare marketplace became more complex and facilities needed to align together in order to prosper This increased buying power and resources for the benefit of smaller local hospitals. AKMH and LGH reached a lease agreement on June 1, 2015. The goal of this relationship is to continue the prosperity of AKMH. In two years, AKMH has improved in patient care areas and technology, added new service lines and updated areas of the hospital.

“In the past two years, LGH helped improve this hospital. I am excited to continue our partnership with Lafayette General and to see what’s in store for the coming years!” said Bryce Quebodeaux, CEO of Abrom Kaplan Memorial Hospital.

With Lafayette General’s help, the emergency department (ER) has seen a dramatic change. The ER’s patient volume has increased 12%, while wait times have decreased 18%. Less than 1% of patents voluntary leave without seeing a medical provider, much better than the national average of 2.6%. 

 AKMH added a registration room, which makes it faster for patients to receive outpatient services, such as blood work and x-rays.  Also, a new application process for financial assistance is available for those in need. The hospital also added security guards to increase safety on campus.

Technology has improved with the purchase of new specialized equipment available under LGH’s group purchasing power. A new imaging table for ultrasounds and a nuclear medicine suite were added.  Renovations to the hospital’s exterior and interior were among the first set of improvements. For those with heart issues, a new cardiology service via telemedicine is offered in conjunction with LGH’s partner Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS). A new hospitalist service through Schumacher Clinical Partners is also available via telemedicine. Both telemedicine technologies utilize telecommunication-enabled medical equipment, which lets patients receive a medical assessment and evaluation through an audio and visual link without having to leave Kaplan.

All patient rooms have new furniture, air conditioning units, and a coat of paint added to the walls. The pharmacy has undergone many upgrades, both operationally and with new technology. The hospital and property still belong to the Vermilion Parish Hospital Service District #1, and the hospital name remains the same in accordance with its original founding.  Tax money from the district will continue to be used to benefit the hospital and the development of this vital part of Kaplan.

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