A Very Happy Birthday!


Three family members now celebrate their birthdays on the same day. Carter Reed Dudoet was born the same day as his older brother and grandfather.

Carter, born Feb. 17 at Lafayette General Medical Center (LGMC), arrived 14 days earlier than expected. It is exactly 7 years after his older brother Braylon LeMaire was born, and 61 years after his grandfather Charles Reed Trahan was born.

What are the odds of three family members within two degrees of family lineage sharing the same birthday? It’s practically unheard of, roughly a 1 in 48 million chance.

“I was ecstatic, it’s really an indescribable feeling to share my birthday with both grandsons,” said Charles Trahan.

Mother Lauren Dudoet explained when asking older son Braylon what he wanted for his birthday, he responded saying, “I just want for baby Carter to be here. I want my baby brother to be born on my birthday.”

The trio plans to celebrate this very special day together for years to come. “We will have one big birthday to celebrate both of them, and dad,” said Lauren.

Baby Carter was due March 2. On Feb. 16, Lauren began to feel ill, and her contractions started. She and her husband arrived at LGMC expecting the contractions to eventually stop. The opposite happened, her contractions grew stronger and closer together. Her doctor then made the decision to deliver via C-section right away.

“From the time that I walked in, the nurses have gone above and beyond to make me comfortable,” said Lauren. “I can say that it’s because of the smoothness of the delivery, and the staff that I feel as good as I do now. I still haven’t napped. I haven’t slept, because everything went so smooth and it’s such a big day for us that I’m like, I’ll sleep later.”

LGMC recently received the 2016 Women’s Choice Award® as one of America’s Best Hospitals for Obstetrics. This evidence-based designation is the only award that identifies the country’s best healthcare institutions based on robust criteria that consider female patient satisfaction, clinical excellence and what women say they want from a hospital.

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